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Wash and Fold

Too many dirty clothes?  Too busy?
Let us help.  Our laundry attendants are ready to provide you with personalized service.

How it works: Just drop off your washable clothes and household items.  Your clothes are washed separately from everyone else's.  While sorting your clothes, if we find items that should be dry cleaned, we will notify you.  Rest assured, we care about your clothes.
Our service includes, sorting into different loads, (white, colors, and dark)
washing in warm water, and drying on low heat.  Our attendants carefully fold and package your order.  We hang collared shirts and slacks.  We even match your socks and iron your pillowcases and handkerchiefs.  There's no extra charge, it's part of our service.  If you need anything done differently than what we've described, just let us know.  Cold water wash, special soap.... No problem. 
Your order will be ready when promised.  All you have to do is bring it home!

Wash and Fold Prices:

  • Over 20 lbs.   $1.45 per lb.
  • Under 20 lbs.  $1.60 per lb.
  • Household Rugs - washable  $2.00 per lb.