Family Cleaners - Dry Cleaning and Laundry - Santa Rosa, CA
Family Cleaners - Company Message
Dry Cleaning

We offer the finest quality dry cleaning at affordable prices. We use state of the art equipment, an organic, all natural cleaning process, and a trained, loyal staff.  Our service includes a thorough inspection of each garment before the cleaning process begins.  Your clothing will be returned to you on time, cleaned, and perfectly pressed and packaged to preserve that crisp, clean look.  


  • Pants  $6.50
  • Shirts  $6.50
  • Blouses $6.50
  • Suit 2-piece $15.50
  • Tie $4.50
  • Skirt  $7.50
  • Dress  $16.25 and up
  • 3/4 Coat $16.50
  • Full coat $19.50
  • Sport coat $9.50
  • Jacket  $9.50
Please note: Silk and linen items are approximately $1.25 extra.

Finished Laundry and Shirts

A freshly laundered and well pressed shirt is essential. Special attention is always given to collars and cuffs.  Each shirt is carefully inspected for spots and broken or missing buttons.  Buttons are replaced at no charge.  
All shirts are hand finished for a professional look.  


  • Shirts   $2.10
  • Boxed Shirts  $4.75
  • Tuxedo Shirt  $5.75
  • Blouse  $5.75
  • Pants   $6.50
  • Shorts   $6.50
  • Sheets, Duvet Covers
  •   (call for price)
  • Tablecloth (call for prices)