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Wedding Gowns
Family Cleaners understands how important your wedding dress is to you.  Finding a dry cleaner to preserve your gown should be made with the same care that you choose your photographer, caterer or florist.  

Cleaning your gown should happen as soon as possible to avoid stains becoming permanent.  Even stains you can't see, such as perspiration can damage delicate fabrics.

At Family Cleaners, we clean and preserve your gown at our East Santa Rosa facility.  We offer free gown evaluation - this includes a consultation and an estimate for cleaning, repair and preservation.  

Once you entrust Family Cleaners to handle the cleaning of your gown, all work will be done on site.  You will be given the opportunity to personally inspect your gown before it is boxed and sealed, the final stage of professionally preserving your gown.

 Call for a consultation and price quote.